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> Want to know where I was during my vacations to Canada and who I spent time with? It's all there for the taking and I'm not involved at all!

Even if this didn't happen, Big Tech would still know since you probably took your smartphone with you...

I guess there are two kinds of privacy issues at play here:

1. Privacy denied.

2. Privacy forfeited.

OP, I think, is complaining about the former. Though both forms could either be consentual or not. The latter is usually, in spirit, non-consentual: You agreed to the terms in good faith but wouldn't if you knew the unprecedented scale of the exploit.

I know this is against the general sentiment but I don't care much what these corporations know about me; we all know we're just ad clickers and numbers in their big data machines. I'm more afraid of who can see the data that's peronally about me, whether it be due to mishap (data brach) or lack of control (see: IG, Facebook tagging). Should any of that get out, it would be devastating if it were put up on shady websites that allow you to look up the data of breached inviduals via only a name or username.

> I'm more afraid of who can see the data that's peronally about me,

Big Tech knows all about you personally, including your name, address, phone number, locations you've been to, people you've met, things you've bought or considered buying. And guess what: they will sell it to anyone who pays enough.

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