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Brave works. Lots of propaganda on here against Brave for some reason. It's open source based on chromium with all the Google bits taken out, and it has built in ad blocking. So there's an opt-in crypto coin, so what.

> Lots of propaganda on here against Brave for some reason.

I think the same reason some people find Google's advertising-based business model problematic, they find Brave's advertising-based business model problematic.

I'd say these people are out of touch. If sites aren't funded by advertising, that means people need to pay to access. See all the efforts to workaround paywalls because nobody wants to pay every single site that they visit $5 a month, and plenty of people simply couldn't afford paying to access the internet in that way. That's enabled by advertising. But somehow nobody here wants to hear it. Advertising is incredibly important to enable open access to, well, the entire internet. We see with the Linux Journal how well subscription-only services work out - they live by the skin of their teeth for a while until they go under. But somehow we're better off because they didn't use advertising for funding? Now we don't have any LJ at all. I don't see how that's better.

Not that I'm advocating for ads that track and profile you and everything that you do. We should be making an effort to create an infrastructure for ads where they can't track and profile us. That's what Brave is trying to do, and I don't understand why people are against it. Like, how do they expect sites to be financed?

What is braves advertising based business model? I've been using it since it came out and haven't seen a single brave ad.

I frequently recommend Brave to non-technical people who would have problems installing browser extensions. Everything works out of the box without configuration.

If I could have one thing in Brave, aside from bug fixes, it’s this: rather than give me popup ads on my desktop, replace some of the static ads it blocks with Brave ones. They’re way less intrusive.

Then I would have to look for a solution for the sites I run that completely block Brave. I don't care if people block ads. But I give a massive fuck if someone/thing swapped out my ads for theirs.

Wait, what? I've never seen popup ads on my desktop from Brave. I'm on Mac and linux. Is this a Windows thing? Are you on Windows?

> Lots of propaganda on here against Brave for some reason.

Lots of people on HN make money with ad networks or are otherwise invested in the concept of harvesting user data.

Same thing happens with GDPR.

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