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Erf. This gets a bit complicated when those services start turning into a public forum because they're (effectively) the only gig in town.

I'm thinking YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Google when I'm talking about these sorts of things.

We've also got the fun game of "Platform or Publisher?" and responsibility about the content on the site itself.

Is it right for a CEO to get charged with a crime if someone on their website offers sexual services (SESTA / FOSTA)? Well, if it's an open forum, absolutely not. If the company is in complete control of their content? That's a different story. Now the question becomes "how much control over content can a CEO give up and still remain responsible for the content on the site?" and where we as a society decide we need to end up on that gradient is where we answer the question: "what should site owners be able to do on their site."

I agree with you about software patents, though. I think software patents across the board do more harm than good.

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