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If it's a solved problem show me the fixed roads and clean water and I will buy what you are selling. Do it in one town.

There is no need to debate and discuss anything more if you have proof for the simplest case.

You want me to show you a road that has been fixed and a water supply that is clean? I mean, look at any major city with significant wealth?

I don't understand your argument at all. It's unrelated to people being automated out of a job and the structure of our society changing. We aren't going towards a utopia where everything is perfect, we are talking about a stumbling forward into the unknown, all our crummy parts bolted onto us.

I was responding to your framing things as a choice between a 5 year time frame Vs a 20 time frame. How can anyone asses without proof a 5 year time frame is possible? So I said don't fall for people who claim they can do things fast without asking for proof. Otherwise anyone can claim anything is possible by tomorrow.

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