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“Uber, which aspires to become an Amazon-like store for all forms of transportation, is also investing in the development of autonomous cars, public transit deals, the expansion of its bicycle and scooter business, and in its freight delivery platform.”

Remember how amazon was never profitable for years and everyone missed the boat on crazy upside. Remember Tesla ? Remember facebook and twitter before they started making money on ads ? Just because of 2 quarter loss you can’t expect uber to shut down. Not even close, their product teams are already figuring out where to get more money from.

Its a different deal If you hate uber and want it to shut down but otherwise this is business as usual. I can’t imagine my life without uber.

Except Uber is not just 'not profitable' they are upside down after having been floated on nothing but VC money. Paying someone $2 for every $1 they give you is never going to be a sustainable business model.

They will raise prices in that case. Or we have yet to see some kind of advertising model from them.

> I can’t imagine my life without uber.

You literally can't imagine your life, if say, you lived in Vancouver?

I have never been there so really I cannot imagine :)...joking aside, I meant it in my current context. This can change in 10 years but honestly I do not enjoy driving in traffic so I am thankful for uber.

That's actually a pretty good point. I vehemently dislike commuting in traffic, so I organize my home and work locations/flexibility to avoid it. Adding Uber as an option would potentially give me additional flexibility on the home/work front.

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