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Wouldn't irc's ignore feature count as a version of shadowbanning too? Channel admins can silence a user channel wide or users can ignore individual users. In both cases, as far as i know, the ignored or silenced user receives no notification of this.

I also seem to rember msn messenger also had a silent blocking feature. Your activity would be invisible to the blocked user and you'd appear as offline.

IRC doesn't provide any feedback on messaging. Messages are sent silently. However if you're quiet banned (mode #chan +b ~q:), you can still receive messages, such as the notification that the channel mode/ban has been applied, and you can still use channel commands, such as viewing the list of bans.

Ignoring a user is entirely client-side. You might be able to test it with a ctcp, depending how the client is designed and configured, and depending on their umodes (if ctcps are blocked) as ctcps are standard messages with a prefix.

Silencing is unlike Reddit shadow bans; firstly, it only applies to private messages, not to channels. Secondly, it has to be configured by the individual users, not by admins.

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