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I used to take Uber pools at around 4-5$ in San Francisco. Now it rarely is below 10$, which is too expensive for a service that is essentially very slow. Most of the time I go faster by walking or taking one of those electrical scooters.

I remember 3 years ago all my pools and lines in SF were $2.50. Now it is usually $6-7. I think these companies have changed our habits.

Over what distance, may I ask?

I do ocean beach (richmond) to fidi (~7 miles) and vice-versa at rush hours and it's usually around $7-10. Up from $5-8 a few months ago.

Getting out of fidi at 5pm can sometimes be slow w/ pool (20+ min wait), especially if the driver gets stuck in traffic e.g. on bush leading to market because of some rando accident on 101. Taking an uber at any other time or location has mostly been fine for me (5 min wait times tops), and it's not that uncommon to have 5 min wait times even out of fidi at 5pm.

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