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> Gackle is drawn to healing workshops; Bell, to Indian philosophy. They seem, at times, to be applying old, humanist techniques to a culture obsessed with the future.

I wouldn't have guessed that. What's next though is even more interesting:

> “Something that’s deeply interesting, I think, to both of us,” Gackle said, “is the way in which one can arrive at a nonviolent reaction to somebody by having greater awareness of the—” He paused. “I’ll say violence in oneself. By which I mean the kind of agitation and activation that is causing people, including ourselves, to react in a kind of fight-or-flight way that leads to misunderstanding, conflict, and, ultimately, Internet flame wars. This seemingly trivial stuff, about people getting mad at other people on the Internet, is actually tied to this much deeper and more fascinating process of what goes on between people and what goes on in oneself.”

Essentially, the task of Dan and Scott is akin to the task of a (good) teacher. A communication teacher, perhaps?

This also caught my eye and it would be something I'd like to read about and discuss here too!

I was taught a metaphysical law (a psychological heuristic, if you prefer) called "the Mirror Principle" (it has other names), to wit: When someone has some behaviour or quality that irritates or upsets you, you will often find that you have that behaviour or quality yourself but are unaware of it. Becoming aware of it helps to "move your energy" on the underlying issue or tension.

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