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What Linux Journal's Resurrection Taught Me about the FOSS Community (linuxjournal.com)
66 points by RossBencina 73 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

My desktop looks very similar to that screenshot

Two screens, not 1 -- right hand screen has two rxvts (green on black), with vim on the left and a shell on the right Left screen has fullscreen firefox. I dropped out of slashdot around the time of beta, I believe it's got better since, but the ratio of good:bad commenters is still low.

I never got into transparent terminals, but I did have some silly effects when I dabbled with E17 for a few weeks. That didn't last, and I went back to my WM around that era was blackbox (and fluxbox later), and indeed I only change to xfce around 5 years ago -- very similar screen estate.

Just as I had 20 years ago, I have focus on mouseover, raise on click. I no longer monitor cpu/memory usage using the program that's on the right side of the screen (I used to use it, but I can't for the life of me remember it's name). I'm using mplayer to listen to an internet radio station rather than x11amp to listen to local mp3s, if anything I think the main change in the last 20 years for me is less window dressing (which was already pretty minimal)

Getting a sustainable OSS based third option for mobile devices where we can run OSS code without restrictions is the pressing problem of the day. I applaud Purism for taking this on, hope it catches on enough that it manages to become a self sustaining project.

Is it too much to hope that someone else reaches out this time and saves them again?

I'm so confused.

Linux journal died, they found some more operating funds, and then died again.

I'll miss Linux Journal's resurrection.

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