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There is a good amount of demand for software jobs in T.O. Between the GTA, Waterloo and Ottawa, we're seeing a good surge of tech in Ontario centered around Toronto. It's got to the point in the past few months where finding available, good folks is touch-and-go.

However, I wouldn't limit your scope to development jobs. This sort of "chat roulette" for pre-screening is a very powerful idea.

Personally, I'd be focusing on the restaurant industry if this was my baby. They spend countless dollars on HR and if there was a way for an assistant manager to sit in an office to pre-screen for real interviews... it would be on fire. Restaurant chain owners are also very willing to spend money on technology like this. I don't think that you'd have a hard time finding low rate, non-intrusive funding from a small group of them to get the entire whitelabel thing off the ground in a hurry.

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