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Running uBlock or similar is now a part of a basic web browsing hygiene.

There used to be starting projects which used cryptocurrency or some other token system to allow you to "load" your browser with credits, which then would get auto (or semi-auto) voluntarily distributed to the websites you read, which support this mechanism. But I think they haven't caught on. But essentially, I hope they come back.

In the mean time, I'm still waiting for a reasonable solution to block advertising and tracking scripts on the mobile - as e.g. I think no sane (and informed) person will use a closed source browser, e.g. Brave.

Assuming you are using Firefox on Android, you can use uBlock Origin or almost any other extension as you would on desktop.

uBO works on desktop Brave too (a lot of redundancy but it adds 1st party blocking features) and we will keep it working, whereas Google seems intent on breaking it with Manifest V3 extension API changes.

Brave is all open source. Why did you think otherwise?

I was trying to find its source once and I couldn't. Thanks!

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