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> 2) People will not help making digital security and privacy any better

The biggest majority of Web users do not even realize how this stuff works. I asked one no technical friend what he thought about Google business model, the answer surprised me: they positioned themselves as intermediary on the Web so that most traffic goes through them so that they could serve ads. That's probably not completely incorrect but what regular paps and moms don't know is that web site creators themselves agreed to this deal with the devil and their soul is now completely gone. When no-one, not even the most valuable or knowledgeable customers complain about the gazillions of tracking scripts on the page, there's no way this could get better. For regular people "Privacy" means a few setting that you could change on some conglomerate web site until they rebuild/reset the page so that you'll have to do this all over again.

>That's probably not completely incorrect

Far from it:

From https://revenuesandprofits.com/how-google-makes-money/ :

>68.3% of the total, from the advertising over the Google websites

>21.2% of the total, from advertising over the Google Network Member’ websites

I couldn't find a more up-to-date source, but judging from these numbers website creators are responsible for only around a fifth of google's revenue.

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