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No, do not do a bootcamp. As others have said bootcamps are for people who have never coded before. If you want to up-skill and get a job using more current technologies, then you can self study in the evenings and weekends (if your circumstances allow for it) or you can quit your job and spend a few months learning a new technology/platform/language etc. (again, if your circumstances allow and if you have enough savings to do this). It sounds like you are itching for a more fast paced (to use a cliche) environment so I would recommend you start looking at other companies to work for while trying to learn the skills necessary for those jobs.

That said, if its mainly salary that you're concerned about then 150k is a pretty good amount. Even in more "trendy" companies - there is a ceiling to how much developers earn, AFAIK the only way to earn more than ~200k as a developer is to work for a FAANG company.

Finally, don't think that just because you heard one story about somebody who got a 150k job straight out of bootcamp that this is the norm. The reality is most bootcamp grads find it extremely difficult to get a job because there is so much competition for junior developer roles these days.

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