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for me to hire someone like you the main question is that you have a good idea of what you are getting into. without any relevant work experience i'd worry that you might find that this new field is not for you, and you'd rather do something else. (i know i can expect you to try your best to keep the job, but i'd like to know before hiring if you'll enjoy it)

you won't need a bootcamp, but you should at least be familiar with the territory.

aside from that, try some thinking outside of the box. what other experience do you have besides programming? what industry knowledge have you gained from working at a medical device company?

are there any startups where you can use that industry knowledge?

or try freelancing? what are the pain points in the medical device industry? can you solve them and sell those solutions?

as mentioned, for regular employment 150k is kind of a ceiling. to go beyond that you need to do something to stand out.

https://jonathanstark.com/ has some good arguments about that pay ceiling. it applies to freelancers billing hourly just as much as it applies to employees because in both cases you are paid for time. to earn more, you need to break out of that.

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