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Computer Science Illustrated (2014) (berkeley.edu)
184 points by signa11 70 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

On a related note, there's CS Unplugged [1], which is a project that aims to teach CS fundamentals without computers. I was introduced to it in high school by Tim Bell, one of the founders (and later one of my lecturers), and it was one of the contributing factors for why I decided to get a degree in Computer Science.

[1] https://csunplugged.org/en/

Tim Bell is an amazing guy! He’s inspired many to do CS. :)

The illustrations links are broken

In my case all links were broken. Found them on the wayback machine https://web.archive.org/web/20181222104954/http://csillustra...

The ones that a missing are old and may have been moved around. I’ll see if I can find them or updated versions. Was there a specific one you were interested in? (Ping me on Twitter or @gmail if I forget to reply here.)

All of the ones that I clicked on seem to be missing.


The first three illustrations on the page are all 404 links. If someone is maintaining this site, it's crucial for every link on a page like this to work.

Some are accessible. Can find the accessible ones here:


I'm getting 404 on the links

If you go to the posters section I found they work there

Loved these posters hanging on random walls in Soda Hall. Ah... this makes me miss my undergrad years.

If you like comics and CS (because often nothing beats a good drawing):

- Excellent ebooks by Julia Evans: https://wizardzines.com/ (Twitter account https://twitter.com/b0rk) - (just about DNS): https://howdns.works/ - (just about HTTPS): https://howhttps.works/

If you know of any others, I'm interested!...

This beautiful project began as Ketrina Yim's Master's thesis:


and continue with the help of many great students:


> Our goal is to make computer science topics more accessible to students through visually pleasing and accurate illustrations.

Any chance to change the green on black to something more accessible on the eyes?

As someone who's been working as an illustrator for the past 10+ years and is about to head into a comp sci master's program (gulp!), this is great and inspiring!

Soda Hall memories. All those sleepless nights debugging pintOS and getting destroyed by Sahai's linear algebra HWs... Good times.

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