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Compared to getting an engineering degree, law school was easy (time consuming but otherwise untaxing). The hardest part for some people was learning to think like a lawyer.

Also, some people seemed to have a lot of trouble analyzing fact patterns from different points of view. Where it may be easy for some to argue vigorously in support of an issue they agree with but difficult to form arguments for the other side.

Profs would listen to students argue from their preferred position (often the good guy position) and then ask them to argue why the other side is right. Some people just couldn't do it (future prosecutors?).

I found LS fascinating -- it was like learning a new kind of physics. One that described how society works rather the describing how nature works. And, like real physics, "legal physics" works whether you understand what is going on or not. E.g., previously I had a small business and entered into many contracts even though LS taught me that I had no idea how a contract really worked.

On the other hand, in my experience, the practice of law is much harder -- taking far more concentration and mental energy than SW development. Good lawyers are as nerdy and as smart good devs.

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