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Sure but what we need is you to be able to be competitive serving ads yourselves from your own domain. Ideally, showing the exact same ads to everyone, just like a newspaper should.

It's not a criticism of you if you can't do that. It's where we need to be. Nobody opted in for all this surveillance. And there does also seem to be a lot of fraud in online advertising. Get everyone's phones and home routers running something like pi-hole and the whole advertising lanscape would change for the better. Google would hate it, sure, but so what? You might find your ads are more valuable too because seeing an ad in a genuine news source as context has more influence on a potential purchaser than seeing the exact same ad on john-does-racist-blog. Even if they are the exact same 2 eyeballs seeing both copies of the same ad.

Ads, sure. We're all basically fine with ads per se. Just not the current advertising arrangements involving reaming us with surveillance and all the other nasties as well. Didn't agree to it, don't want it, will block it and will prosletyse ad blocking.

Every site owner is free to serve "virtual print ads" from their own domain out of the box and they will pass any ad-blocker there is. Ad-networks are free to provide server side SDKs to their customers.

It's high time to accept responsibility for content you're serving! (As it is, high profile sites often deny any liability for 99% of the traffic they are brokering. The ad-and-tracking inflation of recent years is just insane.)

> We're all basically fine with ads per se.

Speak for yourself. I'm pretty allergic to ads - stopped watching tv, reading newspapers etc. a decade ago. No way I accept ads on the web just because they are in more traditional formats.

You are fine with it by exercising your option to avoid them in the normal, rational and informed manner. Don't like watching tv ads, don't watch commerical tv. Done. Clear, obvious, simple, rational and all consent is informed.

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