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[2019] Linux Journal Ceases Publication: An Awkward Goodbye (linuxjournal.com)
35 points by waste_monk 75 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I've been writing for LJ since 1996. I just got up and saw this.

I'm very saddened by the news. And yet, LJ lived for two years beyond its original obituary.

Here's what I had to say then, all of which still applies: https://lerner.co.il/2017/12/01/sad-day-end-linux-journal-2/

I've greatly enjoyed your work these years.

Thanks so much!

I added [2019] to the title to distinguish this from news concerning the 2017 almost-closure.

I'm sad to see it go, I had fond memories of reading it from when I was a beginner learning systems administration. But over time the articles became less and less relevant to me, and while I remained subscribed I rarely read the magazine.

good call. i would have surely thought that this might be a reshash of an old post otherwise.

Very saddened by this. I very much enjoyed LJ even though I didn't "deep dive" into many of the articles. Honestly the original appeal for me was the PAPER publication - I can't stand staring at a screen if I'm not working... Have spent enough of my life staring at the screens.

Even after LJ went online-only I kept the subscription going because I didn't want to lose a publication that was so focused on something that is so important to me, and hopefully, all of us: Pure Linux and cool new open source software.

Best wishes to Kyle and the rest of the team and thanks for giving it another go!!!

Yeah when I saw the email I was kind of sad. kind of because I saw it coming. When my subscription ran out in June I didn't renew. So i guess I am partially to blame.

I have been a subscriber all these years, this goodbye is pretty sad but many many publishers are struggling these days, LJ is not alone, it's probably about time, sigh.

I wish someone can keep site read-only for years to come, still there are gems in those articles and could be hit by google.

someone will buy the content and domain.

I still have an issue from around 2008 laying around somewhere which introduced Android to me.

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