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And indeed more and more communities are stacking houses nearly right on top of each other, but building an above average number of community parks.

I get it. It makes sense.


Personally, it's not for me, since

(1) I just don't like being gutter-to-gutter crowded. If I had my way, I'd see nothing but grass and tree, with not a single neighbor in a straight line of sight.

(2) I like entertaining family/friends in the intimate setting of kitchen/backyard rather than a public park.

(3) A park lacks certain things, e.g. a trampoline, which my kids love.

(4) My young children (ages 1, 3, 5) can't yet go to the park independently, even a nearby one, but they can open the back door to the fenced background.

(5) Same as #4 but pets (dogs, ducks, chickens).

Oh, I get the appeal of land. Country living makes sense to me, and appeals. Done that. I like dense, walkable 'burbs, with nearby stuff to do, too.

Not a fan of apartment living (at least not for a family) though I get why people like it. What I don't like and can't understand the appeal of are typical low-density-but-not-low-density-enough suburbs, though. Worst of both worlds—few or no things in walking distance, not enough space to do much with or keep the neighbors away, but enough you have to own some stuff to keep it up, and the neighbors mean you have to keep it up. Ugh. Unfortunately it's that or suburban apartments (now that may truly be the worst of all options) if you want decent or good schools, in our city. Schools in denser areas are mostly bad, schools in the country are mostly bad. It sucks.

There's a lot of people that want private property but can't buy as much as they'd like.

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