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A company with Dropbox level money should be able to write all of their front end code. It's disgusting that few top 500 companies do.

I don't think any of the third-party JS is for functionality. Many large companies call out to 3rd parties not because they don't want to write code, but because they're using marketing services so they can do things like re-target users for ad displays on other websites.

(also many top N companies do use 3rd party code, like React, but they usually re-host that themselves)

Dropbox doesn't appear to have the strongest developers on the client side, so perhaps that's true on the front end as well.

I still get messages along the lines of, "Your hard drive is full. Dropbox cannot synchronize until you free up some disk space," with 4 GB free, even though many users have complained loudly about that for years. The Dropbox client was also causing weird problems with dropdown menus in MS Office applications for a long time, which took forever to track down. That at least appears to have been fixed now, although I can't (or perhaps don't want to) imagine how it happened in the first place.

Dropbox does hard things, HN conventional wisdom notwithstanding, and they do them reasonably well. But they can be very slow to recognize when they're doing something wrong.

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