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Can confirm. It took the better part of a month to get both windows and mac code signing certificates provisioned for PhotoStructure.

The diligence applied for both platforms at least exceeded pure security theater. They actually did a modicum of effort to ensure I was who I said I was, but it wasn't much. It just took a lot of wall time.

which is really weird. a let's encrypt approach to validate ownership of a domain should be sufficient. if the app is from a domain you trust that should be enough for most apps. bonus checks for high-risk applications (banking/LoB etc)

I don't think it's analogous.

If you need a certificate to prove you own a domain, changing DNS TXT records for that domain, or serving a secret, from that domain, proves you own the domain.

If I need a certificate that proves I am the corporate entity on some signature, say, "PhotoStructure, Inc.", there isn't some magick TXT record I can add that uniquely identifies me as the owner of that business.

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