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This, definitely. Many of the "X should learn to code" arguments really miss the key point that X is professional, specialized skill and clients pay for that skill.

The primary other way that "learn to code!" come up is idea/assertion that programming is like literacy. Now, I like the idea that programming is like literacy but we have to consider that programming has so far not shown itself to be like literacy at all. So far, programming has been much more like law or medicine, a specialized skill set. The amateur client who knows a little bit of law, medicine or programming, from the Internet or elsewhere, just makes things harder for the professional (whereas a literate client is better for a lawyer or any professional and literacy gives many non-professionals are skill to develop throughout their life).

Which is to say we should recognize programming as a professional activity but keep working on things that might, in the future, open the door to a programming as literacy.

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