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A deep dive into the Vue.js source code (itnext.io)
40 points by chovy 77 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

For anyone who hasn't clicked through and are wondering how much of a "deep dive" this is, the article seems to be hosted on the Medium platform, which means there's an estimated read time metric at the top. It's the biggest one I've seen: "100 min read"

It also means there are popups, sticky headers, and sticky footers. All combined together to make the actual content as hard to read as is possible.

On Chrome desktop with uBlock, I didn't run into anything too obtrusive (other than the sticky header, which disappears upon scrolldown). That said, for an article this long, with this many code blocks – which are presented either as un-highlighted code, or screenshots – it seems more appropriate for Github/Gist.

Still working through it, but I found the time ironic since the author is "oneminutejs"

While this isn't something that I am particularly interested in at the moment, that is outright impressive.

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