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What system would do that best?

Adam's Smith invisible hand. It's already taken effect in de facto ZPG countries of north/west Europe and Japan.

I don't know why you're downvoted.

AFAIK you are correct.

There is no great replacement for infinite growth Capitalism. Whatever alternatives you choose you will have to give up lots of things that you take for granted. Humans beings at the current time are like drug addicts addicted to heroin and though its killing them and their environment, they are too pleased with the benefits to consider the costs.

Let me elaborate on this. Infinite growth Capitalism combined with technological development leads to a civilization whose citizens are constantly concerned with more, a nicer way to say this is growth. This in essence means greater and greater levels of consumption. Their entire existence, their brains, are wired for this hit from growth and progress. Buying a new phone, a new car, new clothes, promotions, salary increases, bigger houses, longer vacations, more sexual partners, etc. They are looking to constantly grow. Without that hit, they would very quickly become dejected and depressed.

But this all comes at a great cost. For one thing, people living for that hit don't live in the present, they are always oriented in the future giving up their entire present for a promise of a greater future which never comes, all they get is a hit along the way to that future and anticipation of next hit motivates them. And it's possible to have a psychology that is not set up to constantly seek this sort of hit. Therefore, for a person living with infinite growth capitalism, the transition is probably highly undesirable.

I agree with your take on human psychology, but I don’t think you’re right about it requiring infinite growth. If I get a new phone every year, that’s not actually growth. That contributes the same amount of GDP each year. People can get change without growth.

All money is debt which is to be repaid with interest. Therefore, in order to do business you must experience growth else you can't pay the interest on your debt. New technology and research and development depends on promises of greater fortunes in the future therefore you invest a significant amount with a certain amount of risk to get a certain return in the future. If things were constant but risk still existed, you would lose money each time you took on any risk. Therefore, progress would no longer happen.

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