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As a corporate lawyer that transitioned to software engineering, I'd say lawyers need to learn to code about just as much as everyone else.

Coding is clearly really useful for repetitive stuff and to deal with lots of data, but from my own 10 years of experience practicing law I honestly do not see anything in particular that would make a lawyer benefit more than other professions from coding.

Looking back at my time, maybe having an app that had contract clauses and allowed me to quickly set up a base one from the templates would be helpful and save some time. Nothing huge.

Managing lawsuits is a great candidate, but there are already dozens of "spreadsheet apps" that do that, as are there apps to keep track of contracts (expiry, increases, thresholds and so on).

A lot of research is already taken care by Google and other apps (consider Brazilian law practice here, which is based on Civil Law so a little different than Common Law in US, UK, Canada).

In summary, learning to code is not really that huge of a deal for a lawyer. It is still helpful like it is for most professions, but I honestly do not see a lawyer that codes having that great advantage over one that doesn't.

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