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I disagree* to lawyers learning to code. With the asterisk because I think there are aspects of Computer Science they would benefit from.

1) Workflow Creation - Obviously, much of the legalities start from a boilerplate template that are expanded upon. However, this skill is not exclusive to CS and so there are other domains where a lawyer could learn this (from, say, business)

2) Natural Language Processing - This is more a CS concept and where some coding may be necessary, but not really. The more focused work would be from argumentation mining [1] and properly building strong arguments. The link I include is to my PhD lab's project on "Augmented Graph Grammars", that look to quantify the aspects of argumentation into a graph structure. While CS researchers could mine the graph structures to report better arguments, using a process such as this for lawyers would be beneficial.

[1] https://research.csc.ncsu.edu/arglab/projects/augmented-grap...

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