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Slack excels? In my experience it's really slow and clunky and consumes way more memory than it should.

As the sysadmin at my company I ban all electron apps unless it's clear they are exceptionally well written and/or there are absolutely no alternatives. VSCode is really good and one of my few exceptions. I strongly suspect it would have been even better if they had developed with a more performant platform, but who knows.

Edit: To expand on my reasoning:

Say an operation on a well built performant application is 5 seconds faster than the electron (or otherwise bloated) version. Say employees do that operation on average 20 times a day. Say I have 2500 employees who work 246 days a year and get payed $25/h on average. The slow version will cost the company $427,083 every year. That's the amount of money I'd be willing to spend per year for the fast version of this hypothetical application.

A company like Slack has hundreds of thousands of users and the poor performance must be costing someone millions. It boggles my mind that with all that money, they still can't find the resources to make a performant application?

And that's the naive calculation, there's also the administrative aspect of installing, upgrading, and supporting the application. (The worse the applications quality, the more time I, who am payed a lot more than $25/h, spend supporting it.) While there are multiple variables here, a development team that prioritizes "easy and fast" development doesn't inspire me with confidence they have also prioritized building a quality product.

The new Slack app, introduced last month, makes using it feel snappy. It also uses significantly less RAM.

See this in regards to the new Slack application: https://slack.engineering/rebuilding-slack-on-the-desktop-30.... It's much faster now.

Also, I would be hard pressed to find a 5 sec increase in an electron app vs a native app.

This article is also worth a read, focusing on why Electron fills a necessary niche: https://medium.com/@felixrieseberg/defeating-electron-e1464d...,

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