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It is amazing to see how large, fat, over-engineered frameworks are taking over the internet. Not only it is easy to backdoor but usually they consume an enormous amount of memory and CPU. Not sure how we ended up here.

Because app development insited on a high barrier to entry approach to paradigms and tooling that put it out of reach of most developers, enough of whom valued a pragmatic approach to getting their ideas out into the world.

The fact that billion dollar companies insist on continuing to take the shortcut approach when they have the resources available to "be better" is not the fault of framework developers who originally innovated to fill the demand

Cost saving, plus the "suck it up, it runs so it's good enough" user peer pressure to accept the lowest common denominator.

Cross-platform guis are hard or ugly and html+css came to save the day

And javascript[1], don't forget that lovely language.

[1] https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat

Not Qt/QML

Bloat and corruption is the only conceivable way to keep X billion people employed?

> Not sure how we ended up here.

Then you don't understand why people use them.

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