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This is not a secret court, it’s the completely ordinary court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Grand Juries are held in secret. Counsel for the witness is not allowed.

What's the problem with grand juries? They're supposed to determine whether or not prosecutors can charge you and have an official trial. In other countries, the prosecutor will just charge you directly. The point of a grand jury is to prevent an incompetent or malicious prosecution.

As for counsel for witnesses, they are allowed to hire lawyers. The lawyers aren't allowed in the room with them, but they are allowed to wait outside, and the witness is allowed to leave the room to consult with their lawyer, even after every single question. It's kind of silly, and I'm not really sure why that's the case, but it's hardly an absurd miscarriage of justice.

Also, Chelsea Manning would still wind up in jail over this if there weren't grand juries in the US, it would just be at trial instead.

She's been tried convicted and pardoned. This is a case against Assange where she's a witness.

> She's been tried convicted and pardoned.

No, she has not been pardoned. She received clemency, which is substantively different than a pardon.

Which is tangential to this conversation, but thanks anyway.

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