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Glad you enjoyed it! You're spot on: it's a UK take (the authors are based in the UK but work with lawyers from all over), but intended to generalise to most legal systems.

Some of the best lawyers we know in transactional law, IP and, in some cases litigation, come from STEM backgrounds, either academically and / or via prior experience in a STEM sector.

That's an amazing achievement to have paid your way through law school via software royalties. Kudos!

As you say, there are lots of overlaps between the two disciplines. We're trying to write up a continuing series of articles snapshotting these overlaps to help bridge between the techies wanting to work with lawyers and the lawyers wanting to work with techies. This was our first experiment with such content: https://lawtomated.com/law-coding-variables-and-defined-term...

For a first experiment I think you have a winner. It does a great job analogizing routine contract drafting to scripting. I'd give that article to a coder that's not sure about facing seemingly unfamiliar concepts in a different setting, for reassurance. Keep up the great work. I will look for your other submissions as you post them here.

Thanks for the feedback and that's a great idea! Will have to run it by some pure dev contacts.

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