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Thanks HN: Developers and YC companies video speed interview for free 1/11 (hirelite.com)
38 points by nathanh on Jan 3, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

I don't need to hire anyone currently, and I'm not looking for a job, but if your goal is to put technical recruiters and headhunters out of business, I support you 100%.

Thanks! When companies work with recruiters, at best they get an introduction to a good candidate, at worst they get a severe distraction and brand damage. For the best case, the whole transaction is overvalued: Companies pay headhunters 20%-30% of the candidate's first year salary if the candidate is hired.

Exactly. And speaking as a developer, I've not once had a positive experience with a recruiter. Not a single time.

Love this concept. You should do some for college students looking for internships for this summer.

Great point about internships - will keep that in mind.

Whitelabel - do it now.

This would be an easy sale to large companies, HR SaaS apps and especially the gambit of job search sites (Monster, etc). The job search sites can instantly turn this into an up sell.

I want this. I'm in Toronto. If you don't whitelabel, I may never be able to use this :)

We're definitely considering white-labeling. One issue we're seeing consistently is that, at least for development jobs, companies are having a much harder time sourcing candidates than screening them. As we move in to other career areas, that will likely change.

How is the demand for software jobs in Toronto?

There is a good amount of demand for software jobs in T.O. Between the GTA, Waterloo and Ottawa, we're seeing a good surge of tech in Ontario centered around Toronto. It's got to the point in the past few months where finding available, good folks is touch-and-go.

However, I wouldn't limit your scope to development jobs. This sort of "chat roulette" for pre-screening is a very powerful idea.

Personally, I'd be focusing on the restaurant industry if this was my baby. They spend countless dollars on HR and if there was a way for an assistant manager to sit in an office to pre-screen for real interviews... it would be on fire. Restaurant chain owners are also very willing to spend money on technology like this. I don't think that you'd have a hard time finding low rate, non-intrusive funding from a small group of them to get the entire whitelabel thing off the ground in a hurry.

Cool idea. I wonder what percentage of the companies participating are willing to look at telecommuting for highly qualified candidates?

Few. At every event we have 20 companies. Typically, 3-4 will consider telecommuting candidates seriously. We're considering hosting a remote-focused event within the next few months, but finding enough companies that are comfortable with a remote relationship is tough (not impossible though). In your experience, how do you go about finding companies that are comfortable with telecommuting?

Good question. I don't currently have a well defined strategy for finding these companies, hence my interest in HireLite. :)

I typically do short and medium term consulting projects, and telecommuting hasn't been much of an issue so far, particularly after demonstrating my abilities.

But, people seem to have a different attitude with full time employment where things aren't as clearly defined vs. shorter term projects.

Does the HireLite system currently filter by Remote vs Local candidates? I'd like to participate in the upcoming event, but I wouldn't want to waste any one's time if they are rejecting 100% of remote candidates.

Hirelite doesn't currently filter remote vs locale candidates, but it's something we're working on.

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