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Show HN: Pre-recorded, interactive video conversations with business coaches
4 points by juris-ws 40 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Hi, HNers! We're a 2 people start-up interested in brutally honest feedback from the community.

We're working on something that can only be described as "Bandersnatch for e-Learning" - short, pre-recorded videos that resemble a real-life conversation - person asks you some questions about your problem/situation and based on your answers the videos change so that the conversation is most relevant to your current situation.

Current topics are covered by business coaches - we imagine them giving much-needed advice to junior managers whenever they face challenges. That way helping them become better leaders and develop their soft skills.

We're looking for early adopters - first 10-20 pilot customers (companies with ~100-250 employees) who would be willing to implement this at their organization and work closely with us (share feedback, shape the product).

What do you think about our approach to passing on expert advice? Why would we fail? What would you do differently?

More on: wiserstate.com

If you wish to dive right into and experience the product, here's a demo session with an executive coach and former managing director of Accenture Canada - Marisa Murray on "How to address a lower performer on your team": https://wiserstate.com/topics/start/16

"Staying on Track with Competitive Coworkers" by Jewell Siebert gives a good understanding of the product capabilities as well: https://wiserstate.com/topics/start/14

Our product roadmap includes adding deepfake, voice synthesis, NLP and others as soon as the technology will be ready for it. We're seeing those AI advancements as a way to pass on the knowledge of brilliant minds to newer generations, to offer a way to have an individual conversation with a "digital clone" of someone.

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