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Show HN: Tranquility Calendar (anoopelias.github.io)
67 points by anoopelias 68 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

This seems like a rebrand on the International Fixed Calendar[1] proposed in 1902. The idea was to shorten every month down to 28 days create a 13th month, and have the last day of the year be an international "Year Day" holiday.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar


Please note Tranquility Calendar itself was proposed in 1989. This is just a web representation of it.

But it's a solar calendar!

If you are going to make a calendar that's all about the moon, find a way to make it lunar or lunisolar!

Good point!

When this was proposed in 1989 [1], I think the intention was to get people to use it a bit! So it helps being close to Gregorian Calendar.

Though it didn't catch on, still an interesting proposal.

[1] https://www.webcitation.org/6WtW38bAU

I would have enjoyed Newton for one of the months, maybe replacing Archimedes.

I would have liked Newton on it too. Nothing against Archimedes though.. :)

I see that this calendar repeats the Gregorian 'mistake' (at least as some people see it) of having no year zero.

I know that complaining about typos is boring, but Neil Armstrong is consequently spelled Amstrong. Is this intentional? He's in the center of the whole calendar.

Thanks for that! Fixed now. :P

Not intentional, I guess I had it always wrong.

This is great! Reading the Wikipedia article on the calendar helped my understanding of what's going on a lot. Glad you added the Gregorian calendar option for translating between our dominant calendar and this.

Thank you!

> Glad you added the Gregorian calendar option for translating between our dominant calendar and this.

Guess I couldn't do that well a justice to the mobile layout.

I could see this taking off if month names are closer to local particularities.

Yung doesn't belong on the calendar.

How so?

He is too shallow of a philosopher, more like a horoscope type.

Too bad the original proposal didn't include references to Russian astronauts, even when Russians were first to many achievements. Guess it was impossible at the time to think about including the USSR in anything, or they'd risk being seen as communists.

How the fuck people have so much time on their hands?

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