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>It's a fan subreddit, you need to be a supporter.

A fan subreddit might be ok, a subreddit that actively perpetuates violence and extremely large amounts of lies/false information is not ok. It would be ok if The_Donald was just a forum where people hyped up Donald Trump, but a lot of people post large amounts of false information that all the viewers soak up. I think that's really toxic.

"head chewed off with talking points" doesn't sound particularly bad (it even sounds like a form of debate!), certainly better than being banned for life in The_Donald.

T_D does not perpetuate violence. Post proof for such a serious claim. There's misinformation on both sides.

Yelling != debating. You can't have a serious debate if the other side isn't listening. Some subs ban conservatives, others just let their subscribers attack them.

Go pretend to be a conservative on Reddit and see how you're treated, it might give you perspective.

matchbok 36 days ago [flagged]

t_d posts conspiracy theories and violence on a daily basis.

Also, conservatives != donald. Real conservatives do not support donald trump, as he is not a conservative. Perhaps you are mistaken.

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