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Whatever they want to do. There is zero penalty or downside for them to falsely imprison someone for months or years.

Yeah, but nobody with at least half a brain is gonna try and prosecute old Vietnamese couple who lied on a form so they could escape communism and spend more years working. That would go against basically every "traditional American value" and even if they did (federal law enforcement does not have a reputation for being reasonable) it would just be a political time bomb until the story got out.

Edit: I guess I was wrong and they are targeting these kinds of people.

Yes, they will. The goal is to remove immigrants. There are no consequences for doing it improperly or failing to "uphold traditional values".


Have you heard about this story? Do you think it's a political time bomb? What about this one? https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/01/540903038...

Sadly, one can find many stories of decent, well-liked, completely harmless people being harassed, detained, and/or deported based on the whims of immigration officials. This includes green card holders and even citizens. It’s horrifying, but that’s where we are currently as a country.

I disagree, ICE are going absolutely crazy locking up people they even suspect of immigration discrepancies.

Your level of trust in the US government is unfortunately vastly unwarranted. Hundreds if not thousands of children will never see their parents again as a result of the US government policies; this has been widely publicized. Do you think an elderly Vietnamese couple will move the needle?

It's worth noting that a lot of children held separately were brought into the country not by relations. Beyond this a huge number of those children have been reunited. Note that this is separate from those children separated from parents that are being charged and prosecuted, much like any other crime. Also, most of these policies were started under Obama or previously. Personally, I think that illegal border crossings should be prosecuted.

On the flip side, I also feel that work visas should be granted under a very few limitations centered around having a job and place to live lined up along with English proficiency and/or enrollment in an ESL program. This should be combined with requiring that a company with work visas employ no more than 25% of staff on work visas and that the average pay matches the company's average pay as a whole. Under those conditions the issue could mostly self-regulate in terms of the rate of immigration vs. a sustainable level.

> I also feel that work visas should be granted under a very few limitations

The problem is that everybody and their Uncle has a detailed plan for a fairer immigration policy, but every plan is different and nobody is willing to compromise. So everybody gets to claim that they're the reasonable one while simultaneously persisting the patently unreasonable and inhumane status quo.


their agenda is less non-White people in the US. it fits with that perfectly.

It's a little more subtle than that. What they want is more people who assimilate.

The issue with immigration from Latin America is that the volume has been high enough that their original communities and cultures survive in tact, and those cultures involve a lot of socialist policies. It's Republicans not wanting to import people who vote for Democrats.

That's not really the case for immigration from places like Vietnam who assimilate much faster, but if they treat people differently like that then they get accused of racism and sued over it. So if they want to stymie net-Democrat-voter overall immigration by being pedantic about old forms then they have to do it uniformly.

> More than four decades after the Vietnam War brought waves of expatriates to the United States, the Trump administration wants to deport thousands of Vietnamese immigrants, including many refugees, because of years-old criminal convictions.

> U.S. officials have been working behind the scenes to convince the Vietnamese government to repatriate more than 7,000 Vietnamese immigrants with criminal convictions. They have all been ordered removed from the U.S. by a judge.


> The U.S. government is trying to deport Vu over two criminal charges of assault and larceny dating back to 2001, even though both of those convictions have since been vacated.


> Vu was born in Saigon in 1967. His father was a U.S. serviceman fighting in the country, and he barely knew his mother.


> Now, in Boston, he has a steady job, a longtime partner and two U.S. citizen children. He doesn't want to return to Vietnam, but he might not have a choice.


I agree with you but I would have said "Your level of trust in the extreme right-wing Trump government ..."

While the Trump government has taken things to extremes for our time, the US government has a long and storied history of genocide [1], forced relocations [2], mass deportations of citizens [3], and internment [4] that doesn't get washed away just because Trump is the leader of the day.

Also worth mentioning that several of the horror stories that hit the news during the Trump administration happened under the Obama administration. Yes, Trump is significantly worse, but one administration does not achieve this level of viciousness this quickly unless the way is well and clearly paved.

[1] https://www.history.com/news/native-americans-genocide-unite...

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trail_of_Tears

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Repatriation

[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internment_of_Japanese_America...

> That would go against basically every "traditional American value"

Welcome to the Trump administration.

> old Vietnamese couple

They are not old, they are only 55 according to the documents. /s

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