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You’ll also need an NVIDIA GPU. All of the MacBooks that came with NVIDIA GPUs are from 2010 and earlier. That’s quite a while ago in computer age.


You could use one via the eGPU support in most newer Macs: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208544

Yeah but then you haven’t turned a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware. You’ve turned a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $price_of_GPU + $price_of_eGPU_adapter + $1.

And additionally you’ve made your MacBook a lot less portable.

I'm always amused when Mac people ask me why I don't use Macs and I tell them "I program CUDA for a living" and they respond "But you can jerry rig a PCIx slot in a box over a wonky cable plug it into your Thunderfire port" or something. As if that's a real solution.

There’s no need to do any of that. Commercially-available eGPU boxes[1] work well, no jank required.

[1]: https://www.sonnettech.com/product/egfx-breakaway-box.html

Commercially available jank is still jank. And the matter of portability (why else would you be using a laptop in the first place?) still remains. Forget walking around with it around towb in a bag; if I am trying to work on my deck chair outside, where do I put that mother of all dongles? Balance it precariously on the chair's armrest? No thanks!

I wonder if Mac users are pulling our legs, or if they are True Believers. Like it or not, a significant number of people doing signal processing, simulation, AI, and even playing games, need or strongly prefer Nvidia and CUDA. And for them, Macs are not an option.

I know we frown upon the kind of comment I’m about to make but I really feel the need to point this out right here; relevant username!

Just can't update past High Sierra. No Metal drivers for Nvidia = no longer working even with scripts.

MacBooks haven't had Nvidia GPUs for a few years.

They have also supported eGPUS for years though...

Huh? You have to go back two versions of the OS in order to follow those instructions.

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