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> Forums like 8chan and 4chan effectively incubate hate speech by providing a safe space

The simplest view is that these safe spaces mostly exist because some larger platforms have been turned into safe spaces. However, even on larger platforms, these types form insular groups that are effectively walled gardens within a larger ecosystem (see T_D). The mode of operation appears to be to rally behind safe spaces, then brigade larger platforms when something catches their attention. No real discussion, just bombarding text.

It's exceedingly difficult to have honest discussion with those of opposing views because people reward themselves with safe spaces and tend to expect them. Ideally, we could rely on rational discourse to assuage the extremism issue and inoculate. If we shout them down in a given arena, they'll scurry away but never disappear.

As I see it, it's a problem of scale. On smaller vbulletin forums you'll more likely see heated, but honest, debate there without any brigades nor bans (depending on modship). A rainbow of opinions. With platforms as large as reddit, censorship is holding all out shit shows at bay.

Conservatives have few places to gather. T_D grew large because a displaced group of people finally had a commonly known enough place to gather. T_D was constantly brigaded by other subreddits. Yes T_D members may comment in other subs, but that's there right as users of the site. To my knowledge there was no coordination of all users to brigade.

Liberals have nearly the entire internet as a safe-space. It's nice to have a community with similar views, especially political as people are always just looking for confirmation bias, not really willing to debate, so it's too toxic to try all the time.

> Yes T_D members may comment in other subs, but that's there right as users of the site.

That's not what a brigade is.

Did you read the next sentence?

> To my knowledge there was no coordination of all users to brigade.

I was in the Discord and an active member during the 2016 election. It was actually really civil, more-so than other political subs. Outsiders aren't as welcome as supporters, but try to be a Trump supporter in the /r/politics sub.

You claim T_D was brigaded, yet claim ignorance as to whether such a thing has sprouted from the conservative base which needn't explicitly come from T_D. That's more than strange unless you haven't really explored much else on the site.

There were constantly posts in subs (including defaults) that linked to T_D. Meanwhile, T_D mods did not allow linking to other major subs to prevent brigading. There was no coordination in T_D or any official channels. As an active users in the community I can say I never saw any brigading. I was an active user on Reddit overall before, during, and a bit after T_D. I quit fully a year ago.

tl;dr There was no brigading by T_D, Reddit just didn't like conservatives using their site. Post proof if you have it, otherwise I'll go with my experience with them.

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