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Maybe next someone will build a “camera keyboard“ for my iPad. Turn any surface into a keyboard with a camera and machine vision.

Do you mean similar to a projection keyboard[0] but without actually projecting a keyboard onto the surface and using the integrated camera?

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projection_keyboard

Sure. Ideally the keyboard wouldn’t have to look exactly like a standard keyboard. It could be split, and perhaps tented.

Found this Kickstarter project that’s now a company. http://serafim-tech.com/products/serafim-keybo-world-s-most-...

Interesting, thank you for the link!

I'm not at all interested in this as a keyboard per se, but the fact that it functions as a piano keyboard as well gives me ideas. I wonder if the latency and resolution would allow for things like automatic transcription of written documents as you write, a mouse replacement, or other cool things that I haven't thought of yet :)

They claim they have an SDK. I'll have to explore this some more when I have time later this evening.

Ooh, how about this?

1. Point a camera at a surface (be it a piece of paper or whatever).

2. Write/print a word on that paper and use CV/OCR to parse it.

3. Detect when a person has pressed on that word and exec the command specified by the text.

Instant macro pad?

4. Scatter bunches of 'rm -rf /' pieces of paper at your local wifi hotspot.

I see, you thought the same as I did. :-D

In my mind I can already see people running around with malicious code printed out and holding it in front of such devices in Apple stores or whatever.

I did that a few years ago, although it used a Kinect: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/b07f/4732e5d631cf182a59b1f2... . It works with gestures, without a projected keyboard and has some audio and visual feedback on screen.

Who needs a camera when you have a microphone? https://phys.org/news/2005-09-recover-text-audio-keystrokes....

Then you need a physical keyboard with which to make noise.

Or maybe it works with tapping on the desk too. I can distinguish different noises when typing on my desk.

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