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Op's comment says the .com is for 3500 USD so the market thinks a .com is more valuable.

Theses prices are arbitrary. When I was able to get a credit card, the first thing I tried was to buy my username domain name, obviously, the .com was my priority. At the time it was 8k CAD, the .net was a bit better at 1.6k CAD.

Both were renewed at first but the second time .net didn't get renewed, unlike OP it didn't get into an auction (I don't think it was usual in 2011) and I just had to wait until the expiration delay was up and I got it.

Now the .com is worth 38 618,96$ CAD. There's no reason for an inflation that high for the past 8 years. No one needs that domain. I never received any request for mine. Except the fact that it contains "wild" inside, it's pretty much useless for much.

It's not at all related to any market, it's arbitrary.

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