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Anyone who thinks Android's animation is "fast enough" is either using a faster device than I have ever tried, or has never tried to compare, say, scrolling lists versus the iPhone.

I'm not saying the GPU is the answer, and maybe 2.3 is the answer, but ignoring the problem is not.

(Edit: So why does a GC pause stop animation, and not just by taking up CPU time, since moving to the GPU would help in that case? Is the animation code itself written in Java and waiting on the GC? If so, I bet rewriting it in C would be a massive help. Also, yuck.)

Gingerbread has a concurrent GC, so animation should not stop completely. However, on a single core system I wouldn't expect this to have a huge impact. But this is just my personal guess.

Or use a GC that doesn't need to stop the world. (Or at least only does so for very small intervals.)

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