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Also 'I had forgotten to renew it and it was immediately snatched up' means they didn't notice renewal emails, didn't notice the website stopped working, if it truly expired, it takes months go through that process without them noticing.

Yes, this. People complaining about failed renewals always leave this out. On top of not noticing renewal notices, there’s a 45 day renewal grace period where you can renew the domain after it expires. And even if you miss that, there’s another 30 redemption grace period, where you can pay a fee and have the name restored anyway.

So you’re usually talking at least 2-3 months of not noticing or caring.

Registrars are also required to email domain holders and ask them to update their contact information and email yearly. So you’ve really got no excuse if you lose a domain via expiration.

It happens sometimes. I once owned a domain via MediaTemple registered to an account that no longer existed. I tried but MT wouldn't let me renew the domain even with proof that I was the owner other account (whois contact info, cc purchase history).

Only way to get that domain back was to let it expire and hope no one took it.

What do you mean by “the account no longer existed” Do you mean you no longer had access to the email? If you either have the email account or you know the password to your domain account you should be able to get in and change things/renew. Otherwise you’d have to lose both your email account and your password.

The email account no longer existed because our company shutdown and all email addresses were deleted. The MT account too was deleted using the dashboard.

After the storm settled and I got control of all remaining assets, I decided I wanted to keep the domain for sentimental value which is when I discovered that it was all gone.

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