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How Hot Was July? Hotter Than Ever, Global Data Shows (nytimes.com)
53 points by pseudolus 70 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Puff piece, no data, pure author opinions. If you like word salads then here is a good example.

Facts: the global temperatures average is still 2 degrees cooler than the 14th centuries. We are coming out of an ice age. Sure our pollution doesn’t help. I would like to point out, a single volcanic eruption produces more greenhouse gasses than humanity produces in a year. There are multiple massive eruptions every year in the ring of fire.

What does this mean?????

Plant a tree, several if you can. Will it do anything to solve global warming???? No but you’ll feel better.

Climate change is natural. Fertile areas become deserts, deserts become fertile. Ice melts, more green plants grow eventually sucking up the excess gasses. Eventually it becomes colder again.

It’s happened before us, it will happen after us.

> Plant a tree. Will it do anything to solve global warming???? No

The correct answer is "Yes, it will do" (Feeling great is a bonus)

> Climate change is natural

So what? Bunnies eat their own faeces and walk around naked. This is natural also. "Climate change is natural", "Italian vulcanoes do it better" and "Everything will die in the end, somehow, so why care?" are just another useless excuses. Valid for a T-shirt but not more.

The claim about the medieval warm period is false, and you are repeating misinformation which is spread by organizations funded by the fossil fuel industry, which has obvious reasons for people to want to believe that climate change is no big deal.


Well 300 years ago my village was a fishing port and now water is 4 miles away. And the city next was an island, and now is a peninsula. Not sure about temperature, but the water level was definitely higher.

The land where you are might be uplifting due to glacial rebound or for some other reason, or sediment is being deposited, lots of things can cause the sea level to drop in one place which has little to do with rising average sea levels globally. I encourage you to do some research and find the reason the coast is farther out now in your area- I’m confident you’ll find a good reason and it will probably be pretty interesting!

410 ppm is more CO2 than had been in the atmosphere for millions of years. It's bleaching our coral reefs, most of which are under threat of dying out.

By the way we are not headed for some measly 2°C degrees warming. That's just the threshold where irreversible feedback loops happen. After that the warming will accelerate even without human action.

>> It’s happened before us, it will happen after us.

What prevents from `happening to us`?

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