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'My opinion is that women's bodily autonomy is a fine ideal to strive for, but it relies on having a stable society with some minimum level of education (moral and philosophical too, not just the technical kind). It requires women who are able to fully parse the implications of what they are hearing to make sound and rational judgements on the rejection of a fetus or the embrace of it. It creates a moral duty for the people who are listening to not only reject, but to actively push back against abortions which are universally understood to be reprehensible.'

you either believe in rights or you don't.

Most pro-choice people do believe that education is important to women's (bodily) autonomy.

And abortions are not "universally understood to be reprehensible".

Only a minority of the country believes that abortion is universally reprehensible, and the rest draw various lines between "universally" and "never".

The country is very divided on the morality of abortion.

The country is not very divided on the morality of shooting up a WalMart.

>abortions are not "universally understood to be reprehensible".

Some abortions. Late term, say.


Not even close.

20 ish percent believe abortion should be legal under all circumstances.

IDK what the approval rate is for shooting up WalMarts, but probably a lot closer to 0 than 20...

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