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If you are offering your employees a paycheck, that is all they will work for. If you give them your companies assets, capital, and control over the org structure, then that is what they will work for. If you're offering them the opportunity to work on interesting problems, then maybe guarantee it in an employment contract. There is no reason to blame anyone for working to acquire the only things you're actually offering.

This is not universally true in my experience. People who take pride in their work will often go the extra mile, without being asked. I don’t “blame”, I just correlate.

Maybe this is the answer: if someone needs a guarantee then they are probably a bad fit for a highly effective team. Highly effective people look for opportunities instead of guarantees perhaps.

If I knew, I would be writing articles, not asking questions...

The guarantee is not a need, it is an opportunity that your potential effective employees are looking for. If you deny them that opportunity, they will look elsewhere and be highly effective for someone else.

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