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Europe's record heat melted Swiss glaciers (sciencemag.org)
55 points by reddotX 77 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Is there anyone that has attempted to make an interactive map where you can see when the latest record temperature was set or something along those lines? It seems like records are being set every other day, which might not be very surprising considering the changes being done to our climate.

I follow the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent on nsidc.org:

Arctic warms the most when the climate change happens, it is expected that we'll see there the most of records most often broken.



The interactive charting:


In Poland 1921 record of 40,2°C still holds strong.

Actually top 5 are - 1921, 1921, 1959, 1921, 1994.

Not denying heatwaves but the news reporting seems skewed a bit. We had heatwaves in Western Europe while fairly cold summer in Eastern Europe due to jetstream this year. But 'Heatwave in Paris' makes better headline then 'Cold summer in Minsk'.

Saddly jetstream and its consequences is still poorly understood by science.


It's an opportunity to find more people like Ötzi the iceman. Move quickly.


surely 2 weeks is not a heat wave? a heat wave lasts 2-3 days

It's always meant a week upwards for me, but I guess it probably varies regionally what people expect it to mean.

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