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> societies should tolerate everything except intolerance

I disagree.

Societies are held together by common moral standards. Intolerance of anti-social/moral behaviour (compared to the accepted standard) should be accepted, even encouraged.

One of the reasons the US is falling apart at the seams is because of the 'as long as I want to do it, I should be allowed to" attitude. People don't care what others think.

An extreme (of sorts) is Japanese society... if you are out of line expect that you will hear about it immediately from many people and the negative consequences of bad behaviour can be very broad and long lasting.

That sort of intolerant social pressure also led to a famously high suicide rate and a culture of workaholism that led to a word for “death by working too much”

Antisocial behaviours included women going to work and homosexuality in the past btw

Which is why I called it 'extreme'.

I'm not advocating Japan's strict societal ideology, just pointing out that Western society's "intolerance is bad" (i.e. therefore I can give "zero fucks" about my bad behaviour) is also a problem.

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