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Ahh, yes. US is the spitting image of a country ravaged by WW1, with its government in shambles and crushing reparations. The similarities just impossible to ignore.

No, they are not. The reasons behind the horrors of nazi germany where probably unique in many way. but not all genocides need to look the same.

It is significantly silly to say it cannot happen just because it cannot happen in the same way.

That said I believe a new genocide is impossible in the US in the coming year. This won't stop a violent escalation fo the rhetoric.

Great. We agree. If you believe it is impossible, why do you appear to be arguing for subverting US foundations?

I am not, I am arguing that the rhetoric "if we do not restrain their freedom bad things will happen" is dangerous and with dangerous precedents.

I agree. It is dangerous, but I also happen to think that attempting add asterisks to individual freedom runs counter to the spirit of this country. More than that, I believe that few dead bodies matter less than individual freedoms, as sad as those deaths are. We come at this argument from different perspectives.

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