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>Several of these extremist sites even forbid and censor attempts at calm, level-headed rebuttals to such hatred

I'm gonna need something citations on being "forbid" or "censor' when posting on these sites. Plenty of people get rebuttaled and turn opinion in threads all the time.


The_Donald, Reddit's Trump supporter forum bans any speech that is critical of Trump.

That's not fair. It's a fan subreddit, you need to be a supporter. You can go to /r/askThe_Donald if you want to have a debate.

As a conservative if I go to /r/politics, I'll get my head chewed off with talking points and downvoted to oblivion if I try to debate anything, noone wants to listen. /r/askThe_Donald is a great place to have debates though, I wonder if there's an equivalent sub to ask liberals questions.

>It's a fan subreddit, you need to be a supporter.

A fan subreddit might be ok, a subreddit that actively perpetuates violence and extremely large amounts of lies/false information is not ok. It would be ok if The_Donald was just a forum where people hyped up Donald Trump, but a lot of people post large amounts of false information that all the viewers soak up. I think that's really toxic.

"head chewed off with talking points" doesn't sound particularly bad (it even sounds like a form of debate!), certainly better than being banned for life in The_Donald.

T_D does not perpetuate violence. Post proof for such a serious claim. There's misinformation on both sides.

Yelling != debating. You can't have a serious debate if the other side isn't listening. Some subs ban conservatives, others just let their subscribers attack them.

Go pretend to be a conservative on Reddit and see how you're treated, it might give you perspective.

matchbok 34 days ago [flagged]

t_d posts conspiracy theories and violence on a daily basis.

Also, conservatives != donald. Real conservatives do not support donald trump, as he is not a conservative. Perhaps you are mistaken.

>bans any speech that is critical of Trump

Id challenge that statement on whether its truthful or not, but we are talking about 8chan and 4chan here and they dont have the same level of reporting that would you get you removed from a thread

What he said about The Donald is correct.

People occasionally ask about this in Ask The Donald, which is basically T_D’s “meta”, and the response from T_D regulars and mods is always the same: T_D exists solely for circle jerking.

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