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A couple people throwing milkshakes at intolerant political extremists in Portland...

How about Antifa putting the journalist Andy Ngo in the hospital? Or the professor who hit a guy in the head with a bike lock?

a weak resistance movement that hasn't even killed a single person yet.

Congressman Steve Scalise couldn't be reached for comment.

"Congressman Steve Scalise couldn't be reached for comment."

Steve Scalise is alive... I just googled his wikipedia page.[0]

[0]. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Scalise

He got shot, but not killed, so you are technically correct in stating that he is alive. I guess you totally defeated the parent commenter's point, good thing the shooters didn't have good aim, right?

I take the OP's original point to be that far-right ideological extremists have targeted, injured, and killed orders of magnitude more people than far-left ideological extremists during the last few years, which seems to me to be incontrovertible without resort to sophistry. Also, given that the larger context of this discussion is terrorist attacks rather than political confrontations that turned violent, it's relevant to ask "how many random bystanders have been killed when self-identified white supremacists opened fire on crowds vs. bystanders killed when self-identified 'antifa' have done so."

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