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> being so brazenly dismissive of other people's experiences, take the few measly minutes it would take to actually try it out

?? I did try it exactly as was requested of me. I didn't know where to find a recaptcha so I went to the demo page.

It's possible the video is the result of a bug and not normal behaviour. I wouldn't know as I don't often browse with tor.

I've experienced that in the past, without using tor, but using Firefox. I go to great lengths to block anything Google. Google Fonts, Google CDNs (and I now use Decentraleyes so CDNs are mostly not even reached). I have to explicitly unblock reCAPTCHA scripts for it to even work - or use a clean and disposable browser profile. I've occasionally seen the behavior on the video when I really need to access the page (though usually I just complain to the webmaster).

I once had to request a new password for my online bank account. I ended up asking the bank manager to reset my password, pretending that reCAPTCHA is preventing me from resetting the password myself. My bank is not paying me for solving captchas for Google's benefit (this is so screwed up…).

The biggest offender is CloudFlare for me.

> I didn't know where to find a recaptcha so I went to the demo page.

Well, now you do (though I was a bit of an asshat in my parent comment, sorry about that):

> Even doing a simple Google search with Tor Browser usually gives you a reCAPTCHA to solve.

You can get the Tor Browser from [1].

[1]: https://www.torproject.org/

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